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Family involvement is significant.

At TLC, we believe that family involvement in treatment is an intrical part of the recovery process. Family members may be asked to be part of selected counseling sessions, and are encouraged to attend groups and recovery programming.

Some of these options include:

• Psychoeducation on the nature of abuse and addiction care

• Relapse prevention tools

• Coping skills

• Information on co-dependency and how to break damaging and enabling patterns

• Family resolution therapy sessions

Introduction to Al-Anon and alateen

Al-Anon, Alateen and other nationwide family support groups are important for continued education on addiction treatment and for family support, especially after family treatment is completed. These organizations educate the family on self-care for themselves as well as proactive actions to take when someone you know is struggling to stay clean and so Al-anon: 



Should the family member, peer or colleague be unaware or in denial of their propensity to abuse a substance or act out with an unhealthy behavior, an intervention may be in order. TLC is an expert at interventions.

• In-person communication during an intervention is always the goal. The more active this communication can be, the better. We also understand with work schedules and family responsibilities, it isn’t always possible for everyone to fly or drive across the country to participate. Our team can assist you to navigate and choose the best route to explore.