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Why Choose Us?

Transforming Life Center is a six person detox and residential home with the science-based understanding that addiction is a treatable disease. In addition, medical, psychological and social problems can also be treated and managed in an effective manner. TLC is open to all who are 18 years of age and older and we are LGBTQ+ friendly.


Our Mission is to assist individuals and families within any community, who are struggling with alcohol and substance abuse, and behavioral issues to find a path to freedom from cravings and active addiction. We also recognize and affirm the unique worth of everyone. Above all else, we are committed to client-centered and culturally competent care, and improving the quality of families lives.


At TLC, we also ask for feedback from our clients and their families to measure the effectiveness of our approach. We also continually set higher standards so that we will always lead the way in offering the most comprehensive addiction recovery programming in the country.


Our philosophy is to provide those who suffer from alcohol and drug abuse a safe, clean and caring environment in which to live and learn about the disease of alcohol and drug addiction. We believe in offering clients the opportunity to explore their recovery with dignity. Every effort is also extended to assist the client in maintaining a positive attitude and continued abstinence, while gaining a foothold in their sobriety.

Back to Life

In order to establish a foundation for ongoing recovery, the individual must not only recognize and accept the need for recovery from mood and mind-altering chemicals or behaviors but must also consider committing to changes in his or her behavior, attitude, values, beliefs, and lifestyle. Such changes are explored within the client’s cultural and ethical worldview. Recovery is an ever changing life-experience that one needs to get accustom to over time.

Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality holistic care, while providing cost effective addiction treatment to our community. Recovery can be an uphill climb sometimes. We provide the tools to assist with this ascent. TLC is also committed to act with absolute honesty, integrity, and fairness in the way we conduct our business and, in the way we live our lives. All of the valuable members of our care team pledge to treat each client and one another with loyalty and respect.

12 Step Work

12-Step Work depends on client’s needs, level of care and preference. Over 49 different 12 step meetings in person and online to assist and strengthen Recovery knowledge and provide peer support.