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Frequently asked questions

Is the family involved in treatment?

It is encouraged that the family be involved with the recovery process. The behavior of someone suffering from abuse of drugs, alcohol or an addictive behavior such as gambling or social media can be tough for families to handle. Family members feel devastated and powerless over the person with the addiction. There are recovery tools for both the person struggling with addiction as well as tools for family, friends, and peers in regards to the best way to support themselves in order to support the abuser.

I cannot seem to stay sober... what can I do?

Though frustrating, it is not uncommon and is part of the recovery process to relapse. We work with the client and supportive family members to help identify triggers for relapse and equip those involved with the tools to reframe what appears like a negative situation.

May I smoke?

Smoking and vaping are permitted in a designated area. Though we also encourage one to consider cutting down or quitting for good using the same therapies and materials as with their drug(s) of choice. We know this may be frustrating and that some prefer to wait to stop smoking or vaping until a later date.

Will I be drug tested?

Yes. Throughout the treatment process, frequent and random drug testing will be preformed to ensure the practice of abstinence while learning new skills.

May I have visitors?

Yes. Visitors are welcomed after a waiting period and approval from your primary therapist. Visitors may also attend groups or counseling sessions when looking to improve upon personal or professional relationships.

What does the program cost?

As we work to become accredited by the Joint Commission, currently only PPO and some insurances are accepted, as well as private pay. If qualified we may charge on a sliding scale.

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