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Siamak has run 88 marathons and has experienced positive life changes as a result of healthy food choices and he believes that a similar experience can happen for you. Sia’s long-term recovery stems from the the moments when he realized that he had taken on the role of a victim, who was basing his life on outside circumstances. When this awakening happened, he came to believe that his drug-fueled lifestyle was not conducive for a successful future, and who had wanted to be.

Siamak then found that by being mindful of which foods he put into his body, he felt more engaged and energized. He also chose to stop smoking two months into his recovery and started running regularly. “I began to feel what a natural runners high felt like and I liked it,” Siamak said.

Even through some tougher times in sobriety, Siamak continued to eat well, sometimes stumbling, yet getting right back up. He also continued to right the wrongs he had done to his body, mind, spirit and others that he harmed. “How I damaged my body and others really bothered me,” Siamak said. “12-Step work also woke me up. Making amends to myself, others and my body was very important.”

Siamak’s younger brother then introduced him to marathons. This is when Siamak challenged himself to run one, raising money for the Hunger Project supporting food insecurity, which is important to him.

He now challenges his clients to seek balanced and healthy lifestyle choices and an exercise practice that bring them fulfillment and peace.