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Recovery can be your story....


Recovery is possible for all

Located in the residential community of Yorba Linda, California, We at Transforming Life Center understand the confusion of addiction and the cravings that drive relapse. With our knowledgeable and caring staff, we provide supportive, transitional housing for individuals recovering from substance abuse. we offer a structured, safe, and substance-free living environment to help residents maintain sobriety and reintegrate into society.

39 Years of Experience


We employ and work closely with many of the profession’s top specialists, and have the knowledge and tools to help clients succeed in their goals.


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Transforming Life Center is a beautiful furnished home nested in a private and quiet equestrian community in beautiful Yorba Linda. It includes a full kitchen as well as large safe and comfortable living areas and fully furnished semi-private rooms. Outdoor living features fireplaces, three waterfalls and a large custom pool.

Food is Medicine

Our meals offer high nutrition and are prepared from scratch by a professional chef.

Services Designed for Best Result

Transforming Life Center provides a range of direct services, supervision and social activities which serve to reinforce personal recovery.

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I never really thought I would get a second chance in life. I was really at my lowest, hitting rock bottom, and my family, friends and everyone else who cared for me was really having a hard time. I knew I was causing a lot of trouble, but I just could not help myself. I guess, regret always comes in the end.
I really wanted to change, so I agreed to enter rehabilitation. I have to say that the process was not easy, but because of the continued support of my family and loved ones, I was able to go through it all. Of course, a huge part of my success was due to the dedication, patience and hard work that the team at Transforming Life Center offered since day one. Up until now, actually. I am truly grateful for this second chance given to me.


My addiction started as an escape from the difficulties of daily life. Drugs was like the “best friend” who was always there when you needed some comfort or some time to forget about your problems. However, by the time you discover you were being stabbed in the back, it’s too late. You have been hit, and your little chance of surviving is keeping the knife in its place or else you will bleed to death. Actually, I have been to two other rehabilitation centers in the past, but it never worked out. I guess it was just me – that I don’t know. So when my parents asked me to try out Transforming Life Center, I was like “Here we go again.” However, everything was different. I have to say that the way they treated me was firm but not demeaning. Well, the process was not easy at all, but I swear that if it weren’t for the patience and determination of my counselors, I would have ended up in another rehab center. I am really thankful to the team at the center. Together with my family, they have been nothing but supportive all the way. Keep up the great work. Keep helping others like me.


At Transforming Life Center, you start like a silkworm that builds a cocoon around itself, and you learn to start a new life with the help of very experienced and professional therapists through group or one-on-one sessions. As a result, you burst out of your cocoon and come out as a beautiful butterfly, a free and renewed soul. You learn how to overcome your co-dependency issues like dealing with your unhealed childhood emotional wounds, which empowers you and boosts your self-esteem. I strongly recommend this center for those who are searching of a true life change.


At Transforming Life Center, you go like the silkworm you have built cocoon around yourself and you learn to start a new life with help of very experienced and professional therapist through group or one-on-one sessions to burst your own cocoon and come out as the beautiful butterfly as the free soul. You learn how to over come your codependency issues like dealing with your unhealed childhood emotional wounds that gives you a power over self-steam to outside sources. I strongly recommend this center for those who are in search of a true life change.


I attended Transforming Life Center as a patient and I am forever grateful for my experience and the treatment I received. The combination of family groups, 1:1 counseling and therapy all helped me build my foundation in recovery. The property is spacious, serene and safe, and the counselors and staff are kind and professional. I highly recommend TLC to anyone seeking treatment and recovery.


My experience was accountability, honesty, and service, no expectation whatsoever, save my life, become number of transforming life center volunteer

Jim Zureiqi

I entered Transforming Life Center July of 2022 and it was the recovery center and home where I got my life back. I had only been to a treatment center once before in 2019 for only one month, thinking that would do it, but I wasn't even introduced to the 12 steps, which have become transformative for me now with my sponsor who is an alumni of TLC. I stayed at TLC for 9 months and learned a lot. The most impactful aspect of the center for me was the weekly family nights, where I got to finally address issues with my family that barely went addressed before. Siamak was very knowledgeable about the disease of addiction and was culturally attuned especially to the Persian culture, where addiction and mental health can often be stigmatized. The staff was friendly and effective from the counselors to Siamak's family who were involved in the program with their unique offerings. I'll never forget this place and the people I crossed paths with here.

Milad B.